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This program is designed for people who need to work on a computer from another location, such as a remote office, home office, or home. The HP Orbit app is a desktop and notebook management application that provides customers with remote control, configuration, use of their PCs.

This application allows you to take advantage of various PC features and functions. HP Orbit on android allows you to have instant access to your favorite apps on your computer.


The HP Orbit has a very user-friendly interface. The app is divided into two screens. The left screen is home screen for app and shows a remote access icon, a contact list, a list of computers. The right screen is the remote access dashboard for app.


This Desktop and Laptop application lets you take advantage of your PC's various features and functions. By downloading and installing HP Orbit apk you can access and take full control of your PC through it.

This software can be used to perform the following tasks:

  • Schedule or customize text alerts to anyone or groups;
  • Receive call and text alerts;
  • Full Mouse and Keyboard Support;
  • Multi-Monitor Support;
  • Device Status Monitoring;
  • Use your device as a touchpad and keyboard;
  • Use your device as a remote screen to control your PC;
  • Launch supported games and applications remotely;
  • Share your device's display with your PC;

To use these and many other features, you only need the HP Orbit download. However, the key feature of this application is ability to work remotely with a PC and share large files between your device and a PC.


The program allows you to take advantage of the various features and functionalities of your PC. HP Orbit on PC app is easy to navigate and download. The interface is not complicated and the app is very user-friendly.


The app is compatible with a variety of Windows, Mac computers. Also, HP Orbit free application is available on Apple App Store or Google Play It is compatible with any phone that has an application store.


  • Q1: How do I know if my computer is compatible with this application?
    A1: HP Orbit download on Windows 10, 8, 7, as well as on Mac.
  • Q2: I am having trouble installing the application. What should I do?
    A2: Please note that the application is only supported on Windows 7 and above.
  • Q3: How does it work?
    A3: Aplication combines software and hardware to provide a secure, offline environment on which customers can run web applications
  • Q4: Can I log in to my Mac from a Chromebook?
    A4: Yes. Mac computers running Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later can be accessed from a Chromebook.
  • Q5: How to use the remote connection feature?
    A5: Once the data collection process has been completed and you have connected your PC and mobile device, you can start the remote connection feature.


This program is a good, user-friendly app to use to remote control a PC. It allows you to take benefit of the different features and functions of your PC. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, so it can be used on any phone. 

It is an application that will make your phone more efficient and easier for you to use. HP Orbit on PC helps you find things you need quickly and transfer them to your device, as well as make your life easier.

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